[Latest] Tasty Appam Recipe For Serving

[Latest] Tasty Appam Recipe For Serving The Relatives

Hey, are you looking for appe recipe? here today we will provide you the latest appam recipe for serving in dinner and morning time also.

As we see that India is the best on the name of the food item and For Festivals also. Here month by month many of the festivals came so we always tried to give the best food for the relatives. Appam is not only famous in India this food will very get trends in other countries also like America, the united states, etc. By this many of the peoples were searching for Appam Recipe So today we will provide you the latest and best recipe of the appam. The Appam is also known as Appe.

What Is Appam?

As we know that Appam is also known as appe. And the appam is made of Rava only. If you want to make Appam on your hope very easily then connect with us and read the full article and also play the video so that you can be made this in an easy manner.

[Latest] Tasty Appam Recipe

Material Required:

The material that is required for making appam is as follows
Half cup of oil, half cup of ginger, half spoon of salt, Rava, Baking soda or Eno packet, Appam Stand, and Dahi.

Appam Recipe Instructions:

1. First, take a large size of the boiler and take the Rava ( as your choice ) And take a full cup of dahi, and then mix both together.

2. Secondly, take the eno and baking soda packet and mix it in the better of the rava.

3. Thirdly, give some time to rava to make it spongy. ( For about 3 To 4 Hours ).

Appam Recipe

4. In the remaining between the time we have to make the chutney for the Appam to make very tasty.

5. For the chutney take a bouler and take some onion for making the tasty chutney.

6. After taking the onion crush it out with the help of a cutter.

7. When the onion is ready then take a frying pan filled with half a spoon of oil and place it on the gas and induction.

Appam Recipe

8. When the oils heated then after place the onion into the oil and fry it up to 15 minutes. 

9. When the onion is fry then place the cup of water into the frypan and make it fry up to 20 minutes.

10. Place the salt and other spices on it and then your chutney is now ready for serving.

11.when the Rava becomes spongy serve it on the heated appam fry pan step by step.

Appam Recipe

20. Now your Very Tasty Appam is now ready for serve.

Youtube Tutorial For Appam Recipe:

For more and briefly information for making appam play the youtube video given below.


I hope you like my Appam Recipe article. the video that I give to my site is not mine it will be taken from the youtube to give the visiter useful information. If you have any questions regarding the recipe of appe then comment us below so we solve your problem in an easy manner. Thanks for visiting us ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


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